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Aftershave Conditioner 615After Shave Conditioner
Item Number: 615

After Shave Conditioner is a light, soothing lotion made of skin conditioning ingredients. Contains no alcohol.


Aftershave Conditioner
Item 615 - 4 fluid ounces
Qty: Price: $8.78

Body Washé
Item Number: See Detail.

Hillestad’s Body Washé is a delicate, clear herbal concentrate formulated to gently clean the skin. Its mild, natural herbal conditioners revitalize skin cells and stimulate the senses to leave you feeling refreshed. This exclusive natural source formula creates a rich lather of skin-soothing emollients. Hillestad Body Washé is perfect for the entire family!


Body Washe Item 620
Body Washé
Item 620 - 8 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $8.34


Hillestad Body Washe - 32 oz. 621
Body Washé
Item 621 - 32 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $20.20

Deodorant Item 616Deodorant
Item Number: 616
New and Improved!

Containing all of the benefits of Aloe and Vitamin E with a new fresh scent, our new and improved roll on deodorant is free of Paraben and Aluminum.


Item 616 - 2.5 ounces

Qty: Price: $5.28

Foot Relief Cream

Foot Relief Cream - 2 oz jar - Item 617

Foot Relief Cream penetrates quickly to help refresh and soothe hot or tired feet. Contains Australian tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, camphor, menthol and oil of clove.

Ingredient List

Foot Relief Cream
Item 617 - 2 ounce jar

Qty: Price: $5.23


Foot Relief Cream - 4 oz jar - Item 618
Foot Relief Cream
Item 618 - 4 ounce jar
Qty: Price: $8.75

Protein Herbal Shampoo 16 fl oz Item 4160Protein Herbal Shampoo
Item Number: 4160

Protein Herbal Shampoo is a natural combination of proteins and herbal extracts. Protein Herbal Shampoo cleanses without robbing hair of its natural oils. Excellent for all types of hair.






Protein Herbal Shampoo
Item 4160 - 16 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $8.12

Soothing Flex Cream
Item Number: 598
Soothing Flex Cream 598

Fresh menthol and wintergreen scented skin cream





Soothing Flex Cream
Item 598 - 2 ounce jar
Qty: Price: $7.26

Bath and Shower Gelee 2190Bath and Shower Gelée
Item Number: 2190

Hillestad’s Bath & Shower Gelée is a delicate translucent concentrate that cleans and conditions the skin superbly. It relaxes taut muscles; stimulates the senses and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The exclusive formula of natural source ingredients creates an extra rich lather of skin-soothing emollients. It is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. It leaves no bathtub ring and is biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Bath & Shower Gelée
Item 2190 - 16 ounces

Qty: Price: $7.92

Conditioning Creme Rinse 2200Conditioning Creme Rinse
Item Number: 2200

Acid pH balanced for maximum effectiveness and all types of hair. Adds beauty, body and lustre to the hair without leaving it oily. Brings new ease in combing and adds non-static control.


Conditioning Creme Rinse
Item 2200 - 16 fluid ounces
Qty: Price: $8.95

Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner
Item Number: See detail.

Shampoo and condition your hair at the same time. Hillestad's Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner contains a mild pH balanced blend of ingredients, which create a fine lather and excellent cleansing and conditioning benefits.


Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner 8 fl oz Item 610
Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner
Item 610 - 8 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $8.04



Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner 32 oz Item 611


Protein Shampoo Plus Conditioner
Item 611 - 32 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $20.63

Summit Foamy Hand Wash
Item Number: See detail.
Summit Foamy Hand Wash

New Fragrance!Hillestad's Summit Foamy Wash makes cleaning hands a little more fun for the whole family. Summit Foamy Wash has been formulated with proven ingredients derived from palm kernel/coconut oil, and Aloe Vera Extract to soothe your skin and valuable Pro-Vitamin B5 to complete the formula. Now with a fresh, mild Tropical fragrance that will stay with you without being overpowering.


Summit Foamy Hand Wash
Item 625 - 7.5 ounces

Qty: Price: $6.51


Summit Foamy Hand Wash Item 626
Summit Foamy Hand Wash (refill)
Item 626 - 32 ounces

Qty: Price: $15.39


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