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Kleens All Grease CutterKleens All Grease Kutter
Item Number: 2630

Kleens All Grease Kutter safely dissolves grease and grime from most washable surfaces. Perfect for the kitchen, workshop or garage.

Kleens All Grease Kutter
Item 2630 - 32 fluid ounces
Qty: Price: $7.55

Kleens All Liquid Laundry   3050Kleens All Liquid Laundry
Item Number: 3050

Kleen All Liquid Laundry keeps your clothes looking great. Works well in all water temperatures. Get your whites the whitest with a fresh citrus scent.



Kleens All Liquid Laundry
Item 3050 - 64 fluid ounces
Qty: Price: $12.15

Kleens All Kitchen Helper
Item Number: 2585
Kitchen Helper - 16 fl oz - Item 2585
Kitchen Helper
Item 2585 - 16 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $ 6.55

DISHES: KITCHEN HELPER is highly concentrated, so only a small portion mixed with warm water is needed as you wipe your dishes with a cloth or sponge.
POTS & PANS: For the dirtiest pots and pans, pour a small amount on a wet sponge and scrub them. Soak baked-on residue with KITCHEN HELPER and hot water first. Rinse with hot water.

Ingredients: Water, TEA Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauramide DEA, Sodium Chloride, Cocobetaine, Natural Lemon Fragrance, Citric Acid, Quaternium-15.

Biodegradable Phosphate Free
Kleens All Laundry Compound
Item Number: 3065
Kleens All Laundry Compound Item 3065

Kleens All Laundry Compound has low sudsing concentrated powder to remove ground-in dirt, stains and dulling grays. Biodegradeable and ecologically safe.

Kleens All Laundry Compound
Item 3065 - 10 pounds
Qty: Price: $20.83

Kleens All Mild
Item Number: See detail.

Kleens All Mild does what the name states, cleans all. Our first cleaning product has been a customer favorite for over 50 years. Use as a hand cleaner, for dishes, pots and pans, wash vegetables and fruits, even mild enough for infants. Biodegradable, phosphate free, neutral pH.

Suggested Uses:

Hands & Face:  A small portion of KLEENS ALL MILD is strong enough to provide thorough cleaning for the dirtiest hands and the most sensitive skin. KLEENS ALL MILD contains special moisturizing emollients to ensure that your skin retains its youthful look.

Dishes: KLEENS ALL is lightly concentrated, so only a small portion mixed with warm water is needed as you wipe your dishes with a cloth or sponge.

Pots & Pans: For the dirtiest pots and pans or for baked-on residue, pour a small amount into the pan, fill with hot water and let soak until grease is broken up and residue has loosened.

Vegetables & Fruits: KLEENS ALL MILD is ideal for removing any residue from the surfaces of fruits and vegetables.

Hand Washables: Use KLEENS ALL MILD in either warm or cold water to clean your most delicate hand washables.

Directions: All directions provided for KLEENS ALL MILD diluted half and half with water. One half-gallon concentrated makes one gallon of cleaner. Keep from freezing.

Kleens All Mild
Kleens All Mild
Item 2580 - 16 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $5.93


Kleens All Mild
Kleens All Mild
Item 2590 - 64 fluid ounces

Qty: Price: $16.03

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