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Hillestad Factory Tours
Hillestad Pharmaceuticals USA building exterior

We invite you to drop by and tour our manufacturing facility. Hillestad Pharmaceuticals® is located on highway 51 (1/2 mile north of hwy 47 & 51 intersection) in Woodruff.

See vitamins, minerals, protein tablets, herbs , skin cremes and lotions manufactured using natural source nutrients. Open Monday through Friday. Tours are available between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Walk ins are welcome. Don't miss it.

In our warehouse we have over five thousand different raw materials in inventory. These raw materials are from the highest quality natural sources. We are large enough to meet any of your needs but yet small enough to care.

The first step in our manufacturing process is the weighing of the different nutrients. After each raw material is weighed and double checked, it is ready for the granulation department.

Hillestad warehouse
Hillestad manufacturing photo  

In the mixing department the raw materials are mixed and blended. The blending of our materials is like baking a cake from scratch, however by mixing and blending our own ingredients we are certain of the freshness and quality that goes into each tablet.

In the tableting department the powder is pressed into tablets. The presses create ten thousand pounds of pressure per square inch to create a tablet. Some of our presses can produce over a million tablets a day.

After the tablets are pressed they are coated to seal the tablet. This locks in the potency and eliminates any odor or aftertaste when taking the product. This coating also makes the tablet easier to swallow than an uncoated one.

The coating process is done in two different ways. One method is a high speed coating machine. This machine will coat a quarter of a million tablets or more in one hour.

Hillestad tableting machine
Hillestad manufacturing photo  

The other coating method we use to coat tablets is by using the stainless steel coating pans. As the pans turn the special coating material is carefully added. As the tablets tumble they coat on each other. Each pan can hold up to sixty thousand tablets.

We have a complete packaging department with many types of packaging and filling equipment to meet the needs of our customers.

Our plant has specialized powder filling equipment to fill powder in cans.

The tablet department has different tablet counting and filling equipment in our packaging department to count tablets and fill the bottles.

Also there are label machines to apply paper labels and pressure sensitive labels.

Hillestad packaging department
Hillestad factory labeling operations  

We can even fill our liquid or creme product in our liquid filling department.

In our quality control lab, all the products must pass strict quality control tests before being released.

All tablets are tested for disintegration time. If the tablets don't pass this test they are rejected. We also use independent testing labs assuring you of the finest quality and safe family products.

Many of the Hillestad® unique and specialized tablets are layered, separating the vitamins from the minerals. This is a unique process Hillestad® offers.

A glimpse of some of our tablets shows you the appearance and quality that we pride ourselves in.

Hillestad quality control staff
Hillestad Factory Tours
Hillestad Factory Tours
Monday through Friday
9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
(No Factory Tours on Saturday)

Walk-ins welcome!


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Factory Tours Welcome!
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Hillestad Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A.
178 U.S. Hwy. 51 N.
Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568
7:45 am to 4:15 pm CST, Monday thru Saturday.
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